What Is YouTube Vanced? - About This Modded Version With Amazing Features

YouTube Vanced is yet another modded variant of YouTube, which is hugely popular in the Android community currently. It adds many new features that you won't find in the standard YouTube application from Google. Features include built-in Ad blocking, built-in background playback with YouTube Premium, themed skins, enhanced share sharing, and user profiles, plus a lot more. With these great features, this tool should be on every mobile device. Plus, it's free!

YouTube Vanced

The Features Of YouTube Vanced

  1. One of the best features of YouTube Vanced is the addition of the YouTube Video Privacy Guard. This new feature helps to manage your privacy in real-time. When you're uploading a video for the first time or even removing one, this mode automatically removes your identifying information such as screen name, age, location, and more so that only the correct audience can view your videos.
  2.  In addition to these privacy protection features, you'll also notice a substantial speed increase in your browsing speed especially if you're a visitor to YouTube.
  3. Another awesome addition to YouTube Vanced is the new live mode. This new feature lets you browse through your videos even when you're not connected to the internet. Simply tap the "live" icon in the upper left corner of the screen while you're viewing a video to instantly play the video in the background. It's great if you want to multitask or do multiple things on your smartphone while you're watching a video. You can even increase or decrease the volume as you like using this awesome feature.
  4. Other additions in the latest version of the YouTube Vanced features list include support for the Samsung Notes platform, the latest version of android engine optimized (AOS) Jellybean, and the new widgets feature. The widget allows users to quickly access information from their latest emails and SMS messages straight from their home screen. If you're an entrepreneur with multiple social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, and MySpace, you can integrate all these accounts into one cohesive and customized dashboard.

Free Non-root variant In YouTube Vanced

Unlike other apps before it, YouTube Vanced offers a free non-root variant that gives users the freedom to use the feature for development and testing purposes. The free non-root variant of this great app also comes with all the goodies that come with the "root" version. The benefits of installing a non-root variant of the YouTube Vanced app are quite obvious. You don't have to worry about rooting and installing the Google application which, let's face it, isn't very easy at all. Plus, there aren't any ads clogging up your device, so you can use the YouTube app while you're on the go.

The YouTube Vanced features and functionality has been enhanced with some important features like full-screen mode, rotation support, and the ability to adjust the quality settings for the videos to ensure high visual quality. The interface and user experience haven't changed much since the original release and if you want to experience smooth and intuitive browsing and video playback experience, you'll probably still like the basic layout and design of the app. If not, there are other quality settings and customization features available in this version for you to make the most out of.

In Conclusion

YouTube Vanced is still a powerful video player and editor. It has all the features that come along with the "standard" version, but it also comes with two additional apps. One of these apps, VSR Video Editor, gives you the ability to convert your videos from their native formats (FFT, avi, etc.) into a more convenient format such as AVI, MPG, or MP4. This modded version also provides editing and converting features to make your Vanced movies (or presentations) look like what they would in real life.

I hope this article helped! Do ask us questions or queries if you have any in the comment box below.