What Are Some Webinar Software Solutions?

If you are planning a webinar shortly, you should consider investing in webinar software. Webinars are one of the easiest ways to sell your products or services to a large audience. Technology is becoming more advanced all the time. There are many things that you can do with a webinar, such as allowing your participants to interact live with each other. You can also incorporate various advertising methods into your webinar, including text links and banners on the screen, or video. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the different features available in webinar software.

Webinar Software Solutions

Webinar Software Formats

Webinar Software platforms come in a wide variety of formats. Some platforms are designed as stand-alone programs that you install and run right from your website, and there are complete platforms that are web-based and require no installation, and run live without any ongoing technical support. We're going to focus on the latter option:

  1.  Webinar Software platforms that are hosted on a server that runs on a managed, commercial server. You can also find some good webinar software suggestions from the given link. The benefits of these are that you won't have to deal with any software installation issues, the server is usually hosted in a data center, and the technical team that handles your setup and maintenance is located close by.
  2. The biggest advantage of webinar software platforms that are hosted on a remote server is that they provide a higher bandwidth capacity than a desktop computer. This is important, especially if you are using screen-sharing features. When running a webinar on a small screen, there is a lot of wasted bandwidth, which prevents the participants from connecting to the webinar.

Webinar Software Solutions

  1. EasyWebinar has an integrated screen sharing feature that allows all attendees to connect to the webinar feed from their laptops, mobile devices, and smartphones. This streamlines how your customer relations team communicates with your attendees, reducing time-to-market and increasing conversions. EasyWebinar also includes powerful integration with Microsoft Office. You can easily share PowerPoint slides or Word documents with your webinar attendees, who will then be able to access and take action on them at a later date. This means that you get more value out of your investment in an easy webinar.
  2. The next free webinar hosting company that offers a platform that integrates with popular webinars is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate was one of the first Internet marketing companies to incorporate online webinars with paid webinars, and it continues to make a good business offering its members some of the best tools available. It offers a free webinar delivery platform that works well for getting your message across to your target audience. It also includes a wide range of marketing apps that allow you to manage an online presence, track your webinars, and even host your webinars.
  3. Another option for monetizing your webinar is ServiceDC. Like Wealthy Affiliate, ServiceDC has integrated online webinars with paid segments, so you can maximize the full potential of your promotion. ServiceDC gives you access to marketing tools including appointment reminders, messages, and leads. In addition, the platform allows you to track your webinar attendance and measure results in real-time. This is a nice blend of on-demand and pre-paid features that will help you make the most of your promotion.
  4. The last free webinar software solution, we'll discuss here is Igigi. Igigi offers a free webinar delivery platform, which is combined with email marketing tools and an opt-in newsletter. You can also get a free webinar registration which is helpful if you're planning on having a large number of participants. Igigi is very similar to Wealthy Affiliate's service and they both offer pre-filled survey forms for your leads. Igigi is one of the easiest webinar software systems to work with, so if you have limited training and would prefer 
  5. The final webinar platform, we'll discuss here is Viddler. Viddler is similar to Wealthy Affiliate's wares, as it offers pre-filled survey forms as well as a marketing tool library. Like Wealthy Affiliate, it integrates with ClickBank, so you'll be able to send and track leads from your lead capture pages. It integrates with Google Analytics, so you can measure how many people view your presentation. Overall, Viddler offers a simple and streamlined experience, which makes it easy to begin accepting leads right away.

Hope this article helps you to choose the best webinar software for your business. Do let us know what you think about the webinar solutions.