Spain: Advertising restriction does not apply to state gambling providers

not be long before a new law will apply in Spain that regulates advertising for games of chance. The new law is primarily intended to protect younger players so that they are not motivated to gamble. But apparently there are different regulations that not everyone is happy with.

Advertising restriction does not apply to state gambling providers

According to official reports, the advertising restrictions should only apply to private providers. However, this is not the only exception that private providers benefit from. There are currently only two companies that are allowed to offer lotteries: SELAE and ONCE. The last-mentioned company is a non-profit organization for the blind.

The reasons why only private gaming providers are subject to advertising restrictions has not yet been publicly discussed. However, it is in no way surprising that criticism is being voiced from the relevant circles. It can be assumed that the aim is to monopolize gambling. Since this cannot obviously be carried out, the private providers now suspect that it happens via this detour.

It seems that SELAE is an enormously profitable society from which the state naturally also benefits. This could be one reason why the advertising restriction does not apply to such companies. In addition, some private providers also offer lotteries. Logically, the government doesn't want the players to hand over their tickets there. In this case, government revenues would be reduced.

This is what gambling looks like in Spain

Online gaming providers are regulated in Spain by the gaming authority Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ). However, only providers who have a license are allowed . Only these offer a sufficiently high level of player protection. The online providers are monitored at the federal level.

The autonomous communities are responsible for the local gaming providers. This means that there are regional differences.

Up until now, it was allowed in Spain to advertise using digital media. A few months ago, however, the government tabled a bill providing that

  • Advertisements for games of chance may only be broadcast between one and five o'clock at night
  • no advertising for new customer bonuses may be made

Criticism was already loud at the time of the draft. Experts fear that some providers will withdraw completely. It is also surprising that SELAE, for example, can continue to advertise. This does not guarantee player protection, as lottery tickets can also be purchased by young people. This statement also applies to the big Christmas lottery that will take place this year. With a prize pool of over 2,400 million euros, numerous young people will purchase a ticket.

Basically, the advertising restriction is an extension of the measures that were decided upon during the spring lockdown.

Another point of criticism probably not justified

Apart from the fact that private gaming providers suffer financial disadvantages if advertising measures are restricted, such a restriction leads to a decline in new customers. Existing customers don't need advertising unless new promotions are offered. From this point of view, the criticism seems justified.

What is questionable, however, is the fear that casino players will increasingly turn to unlicensed online casinos. There is no apparent reason for this. It seems logical that players will withdraw from the local arcades and increasingly resort to online gambling. The online providers are also subject to the restricted advertising regulations. Nevertheless, there are far more options available to them to draw attention to themselves.

Should the online offer be used more intensively, this would not be a problem from the perspective of the players. All licensed casinos focus on player protection and offer many ideas on how a player can protect himself:

  • Break
  • Bet limit
  • Self-exclusion

In addition, some the best online casinos display information about how long the session has already lasted during an active session. This information is intended to remind the player to take a break. And if you want, you can find information on numerous links where you can get help in the event of a problem.

This means that no player is taking any unnecessary risk when wagering on roulette or a slot in an online casino. On the contrary: There is hardly an online casino that does not offer a welcome bonus or attractive offers for regular customers. Thanks to these promotions, the stake of real money is reduced - but the chances of winning are as high as ever.